Software Consultant

Motivated, loves challenges.
Angular 2+, Node.js and AWS,
Background: >13 years of java back-end

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> 13 years of experience in Java, 5 years in Typescript, also an experienced coach and trainer. I love to take initiative, to innovate and to create. I like to stay in touch with customers.


I love the agile values and have witnessed how they can improve customer relationships, make development smoother. I also strongly believe in a future where customers and suppliers provide more transparency about their expectations and abilities, so that they can align their processes.

Quality and Improvement

I enjoy programming in my free time, for open source projects, or for personal applications. That gives me the chance to try new tools, libraries and frameworks. (ZBaduk is one of those projects)


I love challenges, and also clear specifications. I really enjoy good relationships, not just with collegues, but also with customers. And of course I love it when a plan comes together.

Curriculum Vitae

My cv contains more details about my studies, skills and professional experiences.
Also, feel free to visit my profile on LinkedIn.

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bvandenbon [at] gmail [dot] com